Worth or Waste?: Jupiter’s Legacy

Over the past few months I have found scarce time to read any of the comics I have purchased.  Assembling a substantial pile on the bookshelf in my room I have recently decided to rake through these issues and make an attempt at putting a dent in this lopsided model of the Tower of Pisa I have erected.  So please forgive me as I review Jupiter’s Legacy.  I contemplated skipping this review mainly because the first issue came out months back and they are now on issue #4, but they just recently releases a giant size issue collecting the first three parts of the story in one extended comic book.  Another thing, this story is way to astounding, so far, to disregard.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, but fool me five times! I am becoming more surprised that I am constantly being amazed by the works of Mark Millar then the writing themselves.  At this point I should expect nothing less then an epic story each time out of the library of Millars mind and Jupiter’s Legacy has now been inducted into that archive.  This tale has all the components, working together like the cogs of a rolex, of an accent greek myth!  It has adventure, jealousy, politics, betrayal, family conflict, drugs, sex, murder, and to top it off it is fashioned elegantly and pieced together by the penmanship of this modern day bard.  There was a simultaneous combination of excitement and tension to the turning of each page, not only because I could hardly wait to see how the story was unfolding, but because I found my eyes suctioned to the beautiful art of Frank Quietly.  This is a must read and I plead to any comic book enthusiast to not miss out as these issues as they drop in your local comic book shops!


Sheldon Sampson was, once an extremely, successful entrepreneur who only knew everything to spin his way.  Until Black Monday in 1929 the day the market took a turn for the worst and crashed.  He watched as everything he worked for burned and washed upon the shore of his life as nothing but rumble.  Again, everything somehow working in his favor, yet again, he has a dream.  In this dream there is an island calling to him for some particular reason denied to him.  He reveals this vision to his wife, brother Walter, and some copse friends who all have faith in him and jump on board to help him search for a captain and crew who will risk exploring the seas for an uncharted island.  They find a, reasonably, reluctant captain, who even after hearing Sheldon’s desires for his skills, toys with the idea of helping him. He inquires to Sheldon one thing; what’s in it for him? Sheldon does not disappoint and responds by telling him they will all partake in whatever this island has to offer.  The island granted the gifts of superpowers.

jupiterslegacyleadThis is just the beginning!  We end up in the present times where Sheldon and Walter are now seasoned heroes with salt and peppered hair.  Our heroes at this point have had children who are not so young anymore.  These young adults radiate the inherited syndrome.  Their powers were with them since birth and for the most part none of them feels responsibility to take up the mantle of their parents.  They use their gifts to gain endorsements and fame.  This brings about a conflict between Sheldon and his son Brandon who has made some irresponsible choices; one of these being while he and his other buddies where drinking they decided to move a cargo ship over a populated city.  In the process they tip the ship losing several massive cargo pods that were plummeting towards the city they were above.  This resulted in Sheldon having to come and stop the pods from smashing into the building below.  Here is where we learn of Sheldon’s disappointment in his son.  Brandon does not take to kindly to this and is tired of his fathers condescending ways.  Also Sheldon and Walter begin to bump heads on what their place is in politics.  Walter strongly believes that he should use his gifts (intellect) to make political plans while Sheldon strongly disagrees with him and has complete faith in the American Government and President Obama to pull the country out of this rut the economy has fallen into.  Along with all of this Sheldon soon gets notice that his daughter has been hospitalized, yet again, for over-dosing. The joys of leadership.  Walter feels that Sheldon has over-stayed his welcome as leader of this dynasty of heroes, he does not stand alone on this, for all the heroes see Sheldon’s methods and ways as going stale.  Walter devises a mutiny while putting Brandon in the lead!

 Verdict: Worth it!


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