Science and Speculation Behind Thors Tool Box!

As I’m at the gym performing 16 pound sledgehammer slams all I envision is myself yeilding Mjolnir, also known as Thor’s hammer. 

These two videos tackle some issues surrounding the famous hammer.  Angry Nerd is yet again steamed and this time its about the inconsistencies and improbabilities of Thors tool belt.  Like how he uses the momentum to hurl himself to his destination, yet he’s able to alter his direction mid-flight. How!?  VSauce reveals some astonishing facts. If the case was Thors hammer was constructed of netron-star matter.  This would make it 10 quadrillion pounds in weight or the equivalent of 97 million Titanics.  

Watch these videos and educate yourselves on the Mjolnir!

Vsuace: How much does Thors hammer weigh
Angry Nerd: impossibility of Thors hammar


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