Worth or Waste: Robot Chicken:DC Special 2 Villains in Paradise

RC-DC2-wideThis past Sunday Robot Chicken: DC Special 2 Villians in Paradise (RCDC2VIP) aired on Cartoon Networks late night block, Adult Swim.  Going into this with high expectations, still emitting from their previous DC special back in 2012, I can undoubtedly state they effortlessly held a candle to the aforementioned episode.  Taking shots at the expense of our most beloved villains, and sometimes our heroes, this installment of the DC edition will cause embarrassing snorting at each 15-90 second skit.  I was forced to constantly rewind due to the lingering laughter from previous sketches, causing me to miss out on the next short.  This in no way became agitating and I welcomed it openly, proving it has replay value.  I look forward to this being released on DvD adding it to my collection of seasons, Star Wars, and DC specials.

This episode was to prepare us for the return of Robot Chicken with its 7th season premiering, April 13th.  So do not miss out!

Verdict: Worth It!



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