Worth or Waste: Teen Titans Go

teen-titans-go-570x320The show would be more appropriately titled Teen Titans Where Did you Go!  As humorous as it may be at times throughout the 30 minutes, there is something missing in each episode.  A freaking plot!  Unlike the original Teen Titans television series, following closely to The New Teen Titans comic books written by Marc Wolfman, Teen Titans Go! is absent of purpose.  While it does generate laughter, this is not enough to keep my interest peaked.  Fight scenes are short, comical, and unexplained.  Not matching the M.O. of it’s predecessor, being rich in eye catching fight scenes involving villains we came to know as much as the main characters.  Sitting to the end of each episode rewarded us with a  bit of slack in the story-lines rope, giving us leeway to tug, bringing the intricate tale into light, causing a strong desire to view the next installment. There is no such hunger with this new run, in fact if my stomach growls, forcing me to stagger zombie-like into my kitchen, I forget to even continuing viewing finale minutes of the show.  And with lacking in the department of a genuine story I have no urge to rewind.  What happened to our most beloved characters from the original series?  I know they are drawn to paper, or computer screen, but they have flattened out the characters, squeezing out any depth in Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven.  The original show carried humor, but entailed with it was sentiment, design, and a craving to get our hands on the next chapter.  I’m not saying these little segments are not entertaining, they are, but thats as far as they reach.



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