Let’s Be Cops

lets-be-cops-jake-johnson-damon-wayans-jr-sliceYou know what always causing relentless laughter – federal felonies!  Let’s Be Cops, staring Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. from the fox series The New Girl, is about two buddies Ryan (Johnson) and Justin (Wayans) who are not positive of the direction of their lives and careers.  Until one night when they decide to rent cop costumes for a party and soon realize the public actually believes their portrayals, seeing them as officers sworn to serve and protect.  Whats starts off as harmless pranks eventually spirals into an assortment of troubles, even resulting in the two purchasing a cop car off eBay.

This summer comedy by 20th Century Fox looks promising and while it is flying under the radar now, this film has potential to be a sleeper comedy.  Johnson and Wayans are hilarious on their weekly sitcom and if they play with the same kind of chemistry here then we are assured embarrassing laughter followed by sore abs hours later.  Check out the trailer:



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