Another Death in the Family!

1297554146857_ORIGINALIn the midst of a project to bring Spider-Man back from the grave, Marvel reveals they will not be filling the empty hole with dirt, but instead another character.  40 years after his debut in The Incredible Hulk issue #181, Marvel will be making the bold move of killing off one of it’s most iconic characters, Wolverine.  Now let’s not shed tears and purchase our black suites, we all know no one really perishes in comics.  It would be more efficient to play triumphant trumpet sounds, throw confetti, and prepare to celebrate his return, than it is to scribble out his eulogy.  In the past years we have lost Phoenix, Superman, Nightcrawler, Batman, Captain America, Charles Xavier, The Flash, Jason Todd, Bucky Barnes and most recently Spider-Man, I know I’m missing some, but they are all back in their respective monthly comics safe and sound. Wolverine will be no exception.

Wolverine’s history will be dramatically changed in this summers story arc “3 Months to Die”, allegedly robbing Logan of his healing factor.  This mutant capability has kept Wolverine alive for more than a century.  “3 Months to Die” will climax into a 4-part mini series, unimaginatively, named “Death of Wolverine”, written by Charles Soule and drawn by Steve McNiven.  The first issue hits stands on September 3rd, concluding with issue #4 on September 24th.  Soule prepared for this responsibility by reading the Claremont/ Miller Japan set mini-series, Weapon X, Enemy of State, and Old Man Logan.  I am curious to see how this pans out, especially based on the simple fact that Mark Millar finished Old Man Logan, a story-arc of Logan 50 years in the future, alive.  Here you can read a sort interview with Charles Soule on his up coming series:C2E2: SOULE PUTS AN “ENDPOINT” ON LOGAN’S STORY WITH “DEATH OF WOLVERINE”


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