Amazing Spider-Man 2: Peter Stop Breaking Hearts! *Spoilers*

Emma-Stone-on-the-set-of-The-Amazing-Spider-Man-2-in-NY-3The Amazing Spider-Man pulled me to the edge of my seat, then proceeded to push me out of the theatre!  If you ever sat passenger in a car that goes from 0 to 60, then you can sympathize with the sensation I had as I watched this film, being rushed from origin story to origin story.  Starting by shoving me into flash backs of Richard and Mary Parker, then to a 30 sound cameo of the green Goblin.  Ok, done with that, let’s move on to Harry and Peter’s friendship!  Grabbing my arm and tugging me to witness the birth of Electro, soon after, treating me to a short fight scene between Spider-Man and his newly acquired adversary – which stayed partially true to the canonical comics, with Spider-Man becoming an honorary NYFD.   As soon as I felt like I can sit down and coax, I am forced to sprint to the origin of Hobgoblin, still catching by breath from the final fight scene involving Electro, I am already witnessing the end of Hobgoblin’s quarrel with Peter.  During all this running around, Harry and Peter’s refreshed relationship becomes broken, with Harry unravelling the identity of our hero.  We then get to witness the extremely heartbreaking, extremely graphic, fate of Peter’s first love, Gwen Stacy.  Alright, did you shed a tear, great!  Let’s move onto 5 months in the future.  Finally, it’s done, a moment to myself.  Wrong!  They now introduce us to Rhino, forcing Peter to pull the mask over his face again, calling him out of his 3 minute retirement.

When are they going to put an end to full out efforts on the visuals at the expense of the writing – I’m not slamming the writing, I just wished they didn’t attempt craming 3 villains, a death, and a retirement all into one jar.  Also don’t get me wrong, I love the graphics, explosions, and the realism of movies as much as anyone, but don’t bury the heart, morals of the characters, story lines, or interactions just to get those fancy detonations onto the screen.  I would have loved the writers to distinguish more of a relationship between Harry and Peter, making it more heart breaking once Harry felt betrayed by his best friend, while Peter felt the same ache realizing that his mistakes drove his buddy to such drastic lengths.  The relationship they executed masterfully, I believe, was between Peter and Gwen – the chemistry between Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield was brilliant.  Bringing that dynamic love story to it’s inevitable conclusion we all foreknew from the moment we met Gwen at the beginning of The Amazing Spider-Man.  The only disappointment was the lack of commitment to the comics here.  Involving the Hobgoblin, where it should’ve been the Green Goblin, concluding in his death, leading to Harry’s obsession to find Spider-Man and to avenge his father – even though we all know Norman sealed his own fate in issue #122 by attempting to impale Spider-Man with his bat-flyer, but sorely miscalculated that his spider-senses would alarm him to leap out of the way in time, leaving the glider to only fatally wound it’s inventor.  Without this, there is no reason for Harry to despise Spider-Man, leading him to the use of the goblin formula.  Am I to believe that Harry wants to kill our hero because he doesn’t want to participate in a blood drive to find a cure for cancer, after Spider-Man informed hime of the dangers, warning it may be more harmful than beneficial.  No.  I didn’t feel that Harry’s extreme hatred was justified.

The last thing that bothered me was the fight scenes.  I wasn’t a fan of the citizens standing around barricades during these tremendously high risk and dangerous fights between Spider-Man and Electro, a high voltage villain, cheering and bantering like it was fight night.  All that was missing was the ballpark vendors screaming “POPCORN, GET YOUR POPCOOOOORN!”  Run, citizens of New York, this is not a spectator sport!

The acting was amazing.  The graphics and realism will blow you away.  And even the writing in itself was entertaining.  I just felt rushed through the story, due to the fact that they made the effort to add in to many villains, especially Rhino to the conclude the film.  Let me know your feelings in the comments below.


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