Who is The Big Bang Theory Laughing at?

the-big-bang-theory45363I want to begin with having it on record that I absolutely adore this show.  I have been watching it since its debut back in 2008, but recently it has been brought to my attention, by a youtube clip presented by The Angry Nerd, the shows premise is not promoting geekdom, yet it’s pointing and laughing at it.  This certainly shed a new light on this series, making it somewhat wounding to watch as they abused all of my interests.  And as the Angry Nerd pointed out, most of the jokes have no pun.  So why are they playing the laugh track?  Well, the geeky interests and nature of our most beloved scientists are the puns of this entire broadcast.  How could I be so utterly blind to the fact that I’m laughing at myself!  Maybe not the socially awkward, genius side, but undeniably the comic book collecting, sci-fi loving, video game partaking, nerdy side.  As subtly delivered as the insults may be, they’re still being stamped and mailed out.  I, in no way believe the writers are deliberately trying to offend anyone, but how does it come off when the audiences laughter rings out as Penny, the girl next door, technical across the hall, shows disgust every time she understands a Star Wars or comic book reference, due to her exposure to the guys and their fascinations with these subjects.  She acts as if it’s a disease seeping into her bloodstream, soon to be her demise.  Or how she sarcastically utters “sad” as Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard wait to buy San Diego Comic-Con tickets before they sell out, again amusing the audience.  Would the show receive the same response if the writers were taking cracks at men who enjoyed sports as their past time?  I seriously doubt this.  This television sitcom isn’t making strides on behalf of our passions, but instead at the expense of them.  We have been mislead by the references the cast makes to our favorite sic-fi’s, comics, and movies, along with their partaking of cosplay, delighting in it as if the episodes were introducing it to households and paying homage to them, creating a common knowledge about it.  When all the while they were in actuality being delivered as the joke, making the geeks of the cast appear pathetic and becoming a laughing stock, not because of their comedic lines, but because of their love of geek culture.

I have seen the light and it burns!  Laminating the witty writing of this show provides me with a better understanding of who is being laughed at; my geek family!  This makes it hard to swallow and watch each week as I am now cringing every time they make a reference crack at my hobbies.  Creating a joke out of my favorite leisure activities of gaming, comic books, anime, or whatever else it may be.  Or maybe I’m taking it to personally and we all need to laugh at ourselves sometimes.  Let me know in the comments where you stand on this.


4 responses to “Who is The Big Bang Theory Laughing at?

  1. Yikes!! Never thought of it that way. But then again, maybe if you take the show at face value and just go with the characters… Penny is a dumbish blond and popular cheerleader type, she has probably grown up thinking geeky stuff is unpopular, so that could also be the reason? Maybe


    • You make a valid point about Penny. I never even considered that. I still love and enjoy this show, and I still watch it every Thursday. Also I had a comment on my geeklash Facebook page that made a ton of sense when he stated that sometimes it’s good to stand back and just laugh at yourself once in awhile.


      • HaHaHa! Oh yes, the ability to turn our mistakes into comedy is an art that we should all learn to master. Also, what a responsibility is it to be hilarious.


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