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The Big Bang Theory aired its season finale on CBS last night, I thought we could dedicate some time to our celebrity Geeks and Nerds who make us proud to wave our flags through the air, while pressing our glasses up higher on the bridge of our noses.  A few years back, while the actors of the sitcom attended a panel at the San Diego Comic-Con they answered the crowds questions about the show, in the midst of the questionnaire a fan inquired what geeky pleasures do they partake in.  The feedback across the panel, one-by-one, was “I really don’t”.  So who is actually lobbying for us out there, other than the writers?  What actors and actresses are wearing a geek patch proudly?  Here are some big names and bigger geeks!

Nicolas CagNicolas-Cagee- Known for his love of comic book reading and collecting.  Notably for spending $2.1 million dollars to obtain the first issue of Action Comics, recognized for being Superman’s debut into comic book history.  They say money can’t buy happiness, but it can definitely buy comics!



vin-diesel-full-hd-wallpaper-532334540Vin Diesel- Don’t be thrown off by the massive biceps and pecs, this action star spent more time in his basement playing Dungeon Master then he did in the gym lifting weights at one point.  He’s loved Dungeons and Dragons since his adolescence.  In an interview with Conan he publicly admitted his love for D&D and even stated,

I spent a lot of years playing a game called Dungeons and Dragons.  Very few people know that I was rolling 20-sided dice and talking like a half-orc.


meganfox-570x358Megan Fox- Aside from being casted in the first two Transformers titles, Megan Fox has more geek creed than you’d believe. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly she exhibits her love for comic book reading and collecting.  When asked You’re really into comic books, how did you pick up that habit?  She responded,

My sister used to collect comics when I was a kid, so I got obsessed with it through her. And I really like to draw so I’m obsessed with a lot of the artists that do comic books. It’s just a good world. It makes me feel good. I love Comic Con. I loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was such a big part of my childhood. I just enjoy it. I don’t know how you couldn’t enjoy it.

She claims Fathom, Danger Girl, and Midnight Nation are among her monthly pull list.  She’s also professed her interest in Anime.

MV5BODQyNTQyNzY4MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODg5MDA3MQ@@._V1_SY317_CR25,0,214,317_AL_Mila Kunis- WoW!  No, I mean WoW, as in she loves playing World of Warcraft!  While on Jimmy Kimmel Live she was ousted as a “video game fanatic”, her game of choice, or as she refers to it, “The Game”, is World of Warcraft.  When Jimmy Kimmel asks her “how fanatical are you about video games?” she reluctantly admits,

Let’s just say that I had to quit “the game” for a good, going on a year now.

Mila even goes as far as talking about joining guilds and adventuring off with 30-40 gamers on raids.  Then going on to inform the crowd they will be releasing expansion packs that require less people to go on these incursions.  Thats pretty geeky in my book.  Kudos to you Mila!


220px-President_Barack_ObamaBarack Obama- It doesn’t matter where you stand politically, Democratic, Republican, or Independent, we all love comic books.  And our President has admitted his adoration for the web-head himself, Spiderman.  He has even been on the record stating he collects the new issues every wednesday.  After winning the first election, on the day of his inauguration, Marvel released a special variant cover honoring him with a special appearance:

Spider-Man, Barack Obama

Spiderman #583 The Inauguration Variant Cover

Star Wars vs Trekkies

The age old battle rages on!  Star Wars or Star Trek?  Some people see no difference between the two, those are people you don’t need in your life.  There is an obvious rivalry between the fans of both these sic-fi behemoths and I though it would be interesting to finish by recognizing famous Trekkies and Star Wars geeks.


wpid-photogrid_1400186692242.jpgIn the blue corner we have Nathan Fillion, Ben Stiller, Daniel Craig, and Olivia Wilde!

Nathan Fillion is a fan favorite!  He is most known for his character Captain Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds on Firefly (R.I.P.), but he was  an adolescence who geeked out over space, long before he ever manned his own ship through the finale frontier.  He makes guest appearance on an assortment of shows, showing his support of the culture he grew up loving!  Most recently voice acting for Hal Jordan in not only Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, but also for the Robot Chicken: DC Specials.

Ben Stiller has been a Trekkie since birth!  His friend Jeneane Garofalo even told USA Weekend that Stiller is able to “recite every line…”  Ben has also been known to add Trek nods in all the films he produces – his production company “Red Hour” is even a reference to a Star Trek episode.

Daniel Craig!  James Bond is a geek!?!  He sure is, and he absolutely loves Star Trek.  He has even been on record saying that acting for a Star Trek TV show or movie is one of his ambitions.

Last, but not least is Olivia Wilde.  Besides the fact that she worked on set alongside actor Nathan Fillion and writer/director Josh Whedon, wait, stop, that’s all the geek-cred necessary! But there’s more, she’s a klingon speaking nerd.  Shortly after Mila Kunis spoke openly about Star Trek in an interview with GQ, Olivia Wilde came out of the geek closet and confessed her unspoken love of the show.  The Cowboys vs Aliens and Firefly  actress was quoted saying,

I grew up as a Trekkie, which is really funny. I think in Star Trek, there were always great female roles, but there’s no reason the captain shouldn’t be a woman. [io9]

Star Wars Geeks


Aaaaand in the red corner we have Bill Hader, Seth Rogan, Stephen Colbert, Seth Green, Olivia Munn!

Bill Hader was referred to as a “huge Star Wars fanatic” by Conan O’brian.  It is no secret that the SNL actor is a Star Wars geek and here’s all the evidence we need.

Seth Rogan is another hollywood star who has never hidden his love for the rebel alliance!  Playing two separate roles in Fanboys, one of which mocks trekkies – I can’t imagine the amount of difficulty he must have had to utter the line “Han Solo is a bitch”.  In Zack and Miri Make a Porno (directed by Kevin Smith, another Star Wars fanatic!), they pay homage to the trilogy by making the porno a spoof called Star Whores.

Stephen Colbert was 13 years old when A New Hope released into theaters and he has been fanatical ever since!  He ran a “light saber green screen challenge” on his Comedy Central nightly show The Colbert Report.  Even spoken about Star Wars on the same series during a “Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger” segment, he said,

…When I heard they were making a new Star Wars movie, let’s just say, I was the one to shoot first.

Watch the full segment here.

And now we make it to the King of the Geeks, Seth Green!  It seems this man doesn’t play a role without paying some kind of respects to the trilogy.  In Without a Paddle, Dan Mott carries around and impersonates a collectors C3PO toy, who sarcastically and pessimistically mocks his friends over the decisions he disagrees with.  Mitch Miller is the arch nemesis of Eric Forman on That 70’s Show, because of his interest in Donna.  Throughout the episodes he appears in, he randomly attacks Eric with Star Wars trivia and finds amusement whenever he fails to answer correctly.  And then in 2005 he and friend, collaborater Matthew Senreich created Robot Chicken.  This is a fifteen minute show, consisting of 15-20 second skits pocking fun of pop culture.  Due to making so many references to Star Wars they contacted George Lucas and in 2007 they aired a special called Robot Chicken: Star Wars.  It was such a hit with the fans they went on to produce RC: Star Wars II and RC: Star Wars III.  Now, I called him King of the Geeks because of all the strides he has made in the geek community.  He has voice acted on Star Wars: Clone Wars, Family Guy, Mass Effect 3, Titan Maximum, and Batman Beyond.  Every movie he acts in he portrays the geek and he does it proudly!  He also loves to participate in table top games as well.

Olivia Munn received her first break by co-hosting G4 Attack of the Show from 2006-2010.  She has always been a fan of this Sci-Fi classic and has even stated she would be interested in having part of the new Star Wars films, even if it’s not acting,  when she tweeted,

I’d do anything on Star Wars, even craft service. But how cool would it be to have Han Sola (Han Solo’s daughter)?

I’ll over look the fact that Han Solo’s daughter’s name is actually Jaina Solo (Jaina Solo Fel after marriage) because of this:Munn




Also, enjoy some celebrities Standing Up 2 Cancer by using the force!


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