Little Known Facts About Godzilla

With the latest Godzilla film recently releasing I thought we can take a look at some facts about the King of Monsters!  Let’s begin with his name.  There are many myths circling the origins of Godzilla’s name, but the most excepted story is the word Gojira, Godzilla’s Japanese name, comes from combining the Japanese words Gorira (Gorilla) and Kujira (Whale).  This word in 1954 translated to Godzilla in English. Aside from the fact that he resembles neither of these animals the creators liked the name and kept it.  Now the original plan for the movie was stop motion animation, being that was the main technique used in films like this in 1953.  America used this method a few year prior to create King Kong.  Toho, the studio that produced the movie, didn’t have the  budget for it, instead they innovated a fresh new way to make Godzilla appear larger then life, by putting a man in a suit and building a scaled down city around him to destroy!  Here are seven other facts you never knew, maybe.

King of the Costumes

Nakjima (Left) and Tezuka (Right)





The Original Godzilla suite was 6.5-Feet tall and weighed 200 lbs!  The suit was so large and heavy they were forced to stop shooting film multiple times to relieve the actors, giving them a chance to drain almost one cup of sweat!  One of the actors fainted in the suit and even reported losing 12 pounds by the end of production.  Don’t tell that to my clients.

“Classical” Roar

violin-02We distinguished Toho had a low budget to work with, but with some imagination who needs billions of dollars to create a cult classic and pop culture icon.  To create the infamous roar of Godzilla all they used was a leather glove gliding over the bass string of a violin.

First Round Draft Pick

wpid-screenshot_2014-05-21-14-07-58-1.pngIn a 1994 Nike commercial, Godzilla plays a pick-up game against Charles Barkley.  Godzilla even puts on his Horrace Grant glasses.

Avengers 2: Godzilla!

godzilla_480_poster Godzilla had a run in with The Avengers!  In Issue #23 of the Avengers our heroes take on Godzilla himself!

Batman Too!!!

wpid-8369025b0d13bfb40b653fb94e5df3a2.jpgBatman averted the use of his trusty Godzilla Repellent, when this 1966 episode of Batman, starring Adam West and Burt Ward, was never produced.  I would have loved to see how Batman would’ve been prepared for this encounter.

Look Ma I’m a Star

godzilla_motion_pictures Godzilla has his own star along the Hollywood walk of fame.  Take that King Kong!


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