“B-List” Characters on the Big Screen: Is it Really a Gamble?



When The Walking Dead was set to premier October 31st 2010, I had little faith in its success.  The average joe doesn’t know about this small-scale comic book publisher, yet alone the creator owned characters of The Walking Dead series, this will be doomed to fail.  AMC soon found out they had struck gold, airing 6 episodes for the first season and quickly signing a contract for another due to its high ratings, brinwalking-dead-vol1-3ging the network new viewership.  I had the same skepticism when I saw the trailer for Kick-Ass, another creator owned and published comic book character.  Again, this movie went on to triumph at the box office and soon was underway in filming a sequel (which was also a hit).  The list can go on; 2 Guns, Wanted, Arrow (T.V. series).  I’m not revealing all of this to verify I’m a negative person, or to show how many times I’ve been proven wrong when it came to how people would respond to entertainment of this nature.  I am writing this to make a point; that people want fresh heroes!  Even willing to give a chance to a whole new breed of heroes.  Heroes that teeter on the brink of villainous.  Ones without capes or secret identities.  And in the case with Kick-Ass without proper training or common sense.  This opens up a whole new world to, not only the audience, but the producers as well.  Allowing them to roll up their sleeves and dig deep in the comic-book archives, pulling out Antman, Teen Titankickasscomics, Iron Fist, and even Captain Planet.  This excites me to my core, being able to watch some of the lesser known characters of the Marvel and DC universes come to life.  Exciting me even further when I see Image comics and Millar World jumping into the pool as well – of course they wait an hour after eating.  But with an audience eager for new, is it really a gamble for producers like Marvel Studios to produce Guardians of the Galaxy?  I don’t believe it is, and I trust this movie will be accepted with open minds, leaving it up to the writers and directors to bring us some great superhero action films.  I look forward to these new adaptations of “B-list” characters taken seriously – I put B-list in quotations because I don’t believe any comic book that stands the test of 10-60 years B-list.  I welcome an era where producers provide directors with a budget to bring justice to these comic book stories.  Here is a short list of comic books I would enjoy and welcome movie or television adaptions of.

The Wake ♦ Scott Snyder ♦ Sean Murphy ♦ Vertigo Comics


Tom Strong ♦ Alan Moore ♦ Chris Sprouse ♦ America’s Best Comics


FBP ♦ Simon Oliver ♦ Robbi Rodriguez ♦ Vertigo Comics


Spawn (Reboot) ♦ Tod McFarlane ♦ Image Comics



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