DC’s Futures End Event Rung In With a Blast From the Past; Lenticular Covers!

Batman-1aSeptember has become the “DC Christmas” if you may!  All the major events of the DC universe have occurred within this month, since The New 52 launch.  Last year being Villain’s Month and 2012 being Zero Month, this September will be no different, holding it’s own event, Futures End.  Futures End, an event taking us passenger on the DeLorean, exposing us to our favorite characters 5 years from the present time in the New 52 era.  I’m not sure if or how this ties into the Futures End weekly series currently going on, but I do know there will be lenticular covers!  Bringing back memories of the 90’s cover craze!

Without any confirmation from DC yet, it seems we are in for some big announcements at the SDCC this year.  Rumors of an all out war between Earth 1 and Earth 2 Supergirl-1ahas become the talk around the water cooler.  Even foreshadowing in the comics has caused whispers of another Crisis on the verge.  Remember this is all speculation and we won’t know anything for certain until DC reveals their plans at the SDCC.

Obviously, we will understand the direction this event is leading us in, as we turn the pages of The Futures End issues.  Although, speculation is entertaining to discuss, let’s enjoy this event, in what is certain, based on past experience, to be entertaining!

You can check out all the covers here: Weeks 1 & 2 and Weeks 3 & 4


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