Geek Screech

I would like to introduce the newest section of GeekLash, Geek Screech.  This will be a weekly updated article recapping all the things that have caused me to uncontrollably skip up and down, screaming like a young girl at a Bieber concert.  Why do I read article upon article of who will be cast in Star Wars VII, or why do I care what DC’s plans are for the future?  Why do I have such a fixation on these matters over that of sports?  This section will pretty much be a why I love comics, an explanation of why my father had to buy me batman capes and not baseball bats.  This will include news of casting, comics book arcs, artists, writers, gaming and more, that have excited me to my core.

A Wednesday To Celebrate!wpid-20140723_201422.jpg

This week we celebrated the birth of my all-time favorite character, Batman.  DC celebrated by releasing variant covers across the DC Universe with the Capped Crusader, practically photo-bombing his buddies.  They gave comics shops a free special edition of Detective Comics #27 (new 52) to slip into our bags, and even kicked-off the Robin Rises story arch in Batman and Robin.  What more could a father ask for, but the possibility of the rebirth of his only son?  Comic book stores across the country celebrated in there own creative, or prospering, ways.  I saw a lot of Batman tees walking around the racks yesterday, I even saw one kid dressed as Batman, but that might not have been for any purpose, I know I never needed a special occasion to suit up in my costume as a child.  I love the fact that we took the time to remember and even slightly celebrate this iconic character from comic book history.

20140122_103228Card Gaming, Oh How I Missed Thee

I have decided to join in on Magic the Gathering, I’ve always had an interest in playing this game ever since I outgrew Pokemon, just never had anyone to play with.  But why do I love this community so much, because no matter what you have a love for there is no judging.  Also the person you are confessing your guilty pleasures to, most likely, has an interest in it also.  Unless it’s Twilight.  All joking aside though, this will remain a safe zone.  So I purchased a starter deck, some boosters, and even dabbled in deck upgrading, I think it was upgrades, I haven’t played yet.  I will join in on my first game next week.  I look forward to it.

Also the new Magic the Gathering core set 2015 released this week.  Which is exactly were I’m starting.

Well thats it for this week, but I can promise that next week will be full of screaming and skipping, with the SDCC happening this weekend.  Well, until next week, never hide your interests because of someone else’s disinterest, and remember geek out of get out!  Also, let us know what caused you to Geek Screech this week in the comments, on our Twitter page (@Geek_Lash), or on our Facebook.



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