What Is GeekLash?

GeekLash is a community I envisioned constructing for all varieties of geeks to congregate about the “round table” to discuss, debate, and just be broadened.  GeekLash doesn’t care what you are a fan of, how long you have been a fan, or how you came to be one!  We are all enthusiasts here!  I cringe when I witness one fandom slander another.  I will not allow that type of negativity to flourish throughout this blog.  I may not enjoy the same type of entertainment as another fellow geek, but I will definitely have respect of their interests by not insulting it.  If you have nothing nice to say then, by all means, say nothing.  So, what will you be finding on the walls of this page you ask?  Not only reviews of the latest comics and movies, pull lists, and recommended reads, but just random amusing thoughts on superheroes.

“HI my name is” *chicka chicka* Mike.  Always being the last picked for kickball in Elementary, band camp throughout Junior High, and hiding my Yu-Gi-Oh cards throughout High School I know all to well about being hailed as a geek or nerd.  This maybe the leading cause to me joining weightlifting in High School and later becoming a personal trainer.  This was back in the dark ages before The Big Bang Theory (amazing show!) popularized geekdom to the public.  In my adolescence I remember going to the local comic book store, in awe as I spun around in a girly fashion looking at all the comics and hero busts up on all the walls, as my older cousin (whats up Big Mike!) swiped the latest Spawn issues, I would plead to my grandfather to buy me some Batman comics and so it began.  I did not start truly collecting until I was around 19 years old, but when I did I was hooked.  I did not just go in on a weekly basis I would drop into my local brick and mordor daily!  I loved the smell (of the comics of course), the people, and just the thrill of buying and discovering new stories to read.  It’s been years since that day and now I want to bring my enjoyment to this blog and I would love it if you not only read, but discussed and became a part of this with me.


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